Terms and conditions of use


These general terms of sale (which form an integral and essential part of the purchase agreement) govern the purchase of the products on the www.compagniadeicolori.it site, managed by the Loggia Industria Vernici srl (hereinafter referred to as Loggia Industria Vernici brevity ), With headquarters in Sabaudia Borgo San Donato, Via Colle d'Alba di Levante snc.
The general conditions of sale refer to consumers (as defined below) and will only apply to those who fall into the definition. In particular they enjoy all the safeguards provided for in the case of the conclusion of distance contracts under Title III, Section II of Legislative Decree no. 6 September 2005, no. 206 ("Consumption Code") and all other safeguards indisputably provided for by specific regulatory provisions.

1. Definitions

These general sales conditions apply to all orders relating to the purchase of the products and are forwarded to Loggia Industria Vernici through the site.

Is considered:
"Consumer" means any natural person who orders an order for purposes other than business, commercial, craft or professional activity, if any;
"Professional" means any natural or legal person who makes an order in the exercise of his business, commercial, craft or professional activity;
Whenever the customer indicates the VAT match, it is assumed that the purchase of the products is carried out for their professional activity.
"Client": as appropriate, a consumer or a professional;
"Contract" means any agreement between a Loggia Industria Vernici and a customer concerning the purchase by one or more of its products, as concluded in Section 2;
"Business Day" means any day of the week except Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays under Italian law;
"Order" means any proposal concerning the purchase of one or more products, formulated by the customer against Loggia Industria Vernici ,

2. Conclusion of the Contract
The presentation of the products on the site constitutes an invitation addressed to the users of the site to formulate, against Loggia Industria Vernici , a purchase proposal and therefore does not constitute meaning to offer to the public under and for the purposes of art. 1336 of the Italian Civil Code. Loggia Industria Vernici is therefore free to accept contractual proposals.
In order to purchase one or more products via the Internet, the professional customer will have to register beforehand and provide the Loggia Industria Vernici with all the necessary information to enable it to execute the submitted orders.
After registration, the professional can select one or more products they want to purchase, inserting them into a virtual "shopping cart". The consumer can select one or more of the products he intends to purchase by placing them in a virtual "cart" before registering or if he does not want to register before entering personal data. By clicking on the button "Proceed to purchase", the customer will start the order forwarding procedure and by clicking on the "Finish Order" button, after the procedure started under the previous section, the customer will forward the order, order. Any order forwarded in such manner must in all likelihood be understood as a contractual proposal by the customer. Upon forwarding the order, the customer will promptly confirm Loggia Industria Vernici 's receipt of the order (confirmation of order receipt) by sending an e-mail to the e-mail account communicated from the customer. By sending a second e-mail, Loggia Industria Vernici will also inform the customer whether the order can be accepted or not (Order Confirmation). It will also include the possible communication of goods not available in the warehouse, the time required for the supply and, in any case, the order data forwarded and these GCGs.
Contracts are intended to be concluded following explicit acceptance by Loggia Industria Vernici , which guarantees a delivery within the shortest time possible. It is understood that the terms of delivery, which are merely authoritative and of a non-essential nature (except as they will be said in favor of the consumer), may vary depending on factors (eg availability in the warehouse, quantity of ordered units etc.). ). Loggia Industria Vernici srl will be able to accept or not the orders received without the customer's rights or claims against any title in the event of non-acceptance. The order will be understood, in any case, accepted and consequently the contract concluded at the time the customer will receive the order confirmation on their e-mail address.
They are not valid and are therefore not considered orders coming from consumers that do not reach the minimum quantity of a pack. Orders for single units that exceed the amount of a package are valid only on the number of units required to integrate the same or a plurality of units.

3. Price and shipping costs
The prices of Loggia Industria Vernici srl products published on the homepage or in the various sections of the site are always understood to include VAT. The frank shall be granted only for net amounts of goods, the value of which exceeds the amount of € 65,00 including VAT. For orders that do not reach the free port, a shipping cost of € 9.90 is included.
Loggia Industria Vernici srl reserves the right to change product prices at any time. However, these changes will not be effective against customers whose order has already been accepted by Loggia Industria Vernici , ie for contracts already completed prior to the publication of new prices on the site.
The goods travel at the risk of the buyer and any charge on the buyer will be borne by the buyer.

4. Payment and delivery
The Customer will pay in full the price of the Loggia Industria Vernici products ordered when ordering. As part of the process of forwarding the order, Loggia Industria Vernici may, at the discretion of the Loggia Industria Vernici , offer different payment methods such as, for example, credit card payment (Visa, MasterCard), payment Through a secure Paypal system and payment by bank transfer in advance. The Customer will be required to indicate the payment method, among those proposed by Loggia Industria Vernici , which he intends to use. In which case it does not intend to adhere to the order, Loggia Industria Vernici will reimburse the prepay within 48 hours of receiving it at no additional cost to the customer.
Invoices will be issued exclusively in electronic format and in some cases also in paper form attached to the package being shipped.
For deliveries, Loggia Industria Vernici will use vouchers that it has selected and reserves the right, however, to refuse or not execute orders if delivery is to be made outside the Italian territory. Delivery will be made in a reasonable time, but when payment is made by bank transfer, it will be given to the same not before the purchase price is credited.
Deliveries are not made on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Loggia Industria Vernici will not be responsible for the failure or delayed delivery due to causes of force majeure and in the presence of circumstances removed from the Loggia Industria Vernici Interference Ball (eg strike strikes, public authority measures, rationing or shortages of energy or raw materials, transportation difficulties , Fires, floods, floods and damage to industrial machinery, etc.). Loggia Industria Vernici will promptly inform the consumer of the occurrence and failure of a cause of force majeure. If the cause of force majeure persists the consumer will be able to withdraw from the contract. In the event of a withdrawal, the consumer will not be entitled to any compensation or compensation in any way, subject to the right to reimbursement of what has already been paid for a price for the product in question within 15 days of the withdrawal.
In the case of a purchase made by a consumer, the risk of a perishable product will remain in the hands of the Loggia Industria Vernici until it is delivered to the consumer or to any other party subject to it, irrespective of whether the shipment of the same products is or is not insured . In the case of a purchase made by a subject other than a consumer, the risk of accidental collection of the item is passed on to the customer by delivering the product from Loggia Industria Vernici to the first carrier.
Until full payment of the price, the goods remain the property of the Loggia Industria Vernici srl.
In relation to non-standard products and colors and special features (specifically those defined on the site as "custom colors" or those that can be ordered by color code (RAL, NCS or other) the prices and delivery terms will be defined for The colors or the ordered goods in special quantities must be checked prior to their application, otherwise Loggia Industria Vernici srl is free from any liability for any color divergence, application problems or otherwise and is not liable for damages of any kind. On the different quantities of special dye dyes and customized or sorted by RAL, NCS or other code, the content of the bases used is automatically rounded to the quantity indicated on the site.
Any packaging, defect, failure, or other irregularity defects must be immediately dispatched to the carrier in writing and reported on the transport document with specific indication of the number and nature of the damaged or missing holes. Complaints about product defects by the Professionist must be made within a maximum of 8 days of discovery by providing the Loggia Industria Vernici with all possible and necessary information. In addition, the goods must be kept at the carrier's insurance level for any expertise. In the event that our particular authorization does not exist, we do not accept any complaints or returns of merchandise from professional clients. Disposal and / or disposal of empty or partially used containers is at all times subject to the user of the product (DPR 915/1982).

5. Right of withdrawal
In compliance with the duty of information referred to in art. 52, paragraph 1, lett. (F) and (g) of the Consumption Code, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within the term of dd. 14 working from its conclusion.
The right of withdrawal in favor of the consumer does not apply to Loggia Industria Vernici Products which by their nature are not fit to be returned or are subject to the risk of rapid deterioration or alteration, such as, for example, color milk already opened or However custom and painted colors on specific request or those marked with the RAL color code, NCS or other codes equated to them. All these articles and accessories are considered ex-litt. Goods) d) art. 55 Consumption Code.
If you intend to make use of the right of withdrawal, the Consumer will have to provide within 14 (fourteen) working days from the date of delivery of the Loggia Industria Vernici Product (in the case of multiple delivery, from the date of the last partial delivery) to the sending of a specific communication To indicate any reasons), to be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, or by e-mail or via the "complaint / withdrawal" form on the website, provided the last two are confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 48 Hours later.
In the event of exercise of the right of withdrawal, the Customer shall be required to return the Product within the same time limit of 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery.
The substantial integrity of the goods to be returned is a prerequisite for the exercise of the right of withdrawal. It is, however, sufficient that the good is returned in normal state of preservation, since it has been guarded and eventually used with the use of normal diligence. The goods must be returned to the address indicated in the returns section.
Refund of the price paid by the Consumer will be effected by Loggia Industria Vernici on the assumption that the Product has been returned by the Consumer within the terms and within the terms above. By way of derogation from art. 67, paragraph 3 Consumption Code the shipping costs related to the return of the Product shall be borne by the Consumer.

6 Purchase vouchers
Purchase vouchers are offered by Loggia Industria Vernici in the context of promotional campaigns for a limited period of validity. Purchase vouchers are used only in reference to certain types of products, also in accordance with what will be indicated on the site. The Loggia Industria Vernici buyer coupons in the context of promotional campaigns are valid until the end of the term and can only be used once in an ordering procedure. The purchase voucher can only be used before order validation (before clicking on "Confirm" at the end of the order process), then no reduction can be applied. The voucher can not be converted into cash and is not a credit and is not transferable to third parties. Buying vouchers are not cumulative unless it is expressly provided. The value of Loggia Industria Vernici Products purchased with the purchase voucher must be at least equal to the amount of the purchase voucher. In the case of purchases for a total amount less than the purchase price, you will not be able to repay any residual credit to the customer.
If the credit represented by a purchase voucher is less than the total price to be paid for an order, the difference may be settled with the other payment methods allowed.
The purchase voucher will not be refunded if the products are wholly or partially returned.

7. Warranty and handling of complaints
Consumer purchases are subject to warranty law, including those in the Consumption Code.
If there are defects and defects in the products purchased under the terms of the General Sales Terms, the Consumer may contact you within two months of discovery, Loggia Industria Vernici , as required and request repair or replacement of the product. The choice between repair or replacement will remain in the consumer's availability, unless the remedy chosen is objectively impossible or excessively burdensome with respect to the other.
Loggia Industria Vernici will, as appropriate, arrange for the required repairs and replacements within a reasonable time from receipt of the consumer's request.
Only if the required repair or replacement is impossible or excessively costly, or has not occurred within a reasonable time or has caused significant disadvantages to the consumer, the latter may require a reasonable reduction in the price or resolution of his choice Of the contract. In any case, it will not be possible to terminate the contract for minor defects, for which it has not been possible or excessively costly to repair or replace the related products.
The provisions of the Civil Code apply to professionals.

8. Competence by territory
Without prejudice to consumer protection rules for each dispute, the Forum of Latina is exclusively competent.

9. Modification of the General Sales Conditions
Upon any modification to these general sales conditions, Loggia Industria Vernici will promptly publish the changes to the site.
The modified general sales terms will become an integral part of the new contracts, which will be rendered by the first order forwarded by the customers following their publication on the site.

12. Additional information about online catalog products
The customer is obliged to read the instructions for use of the individual products and then consult the technical and safety data sheets at www.compagniadeicolori.it before using the purchased product. The customer also undertakes to strictly observe these instructions for use and use. A different use of the products than the one resulting from the instructions implies the decay of any kind of liability to the seller. It is worth pointing out that our technical tips on using materials are intended as tips for the buyer or worker. It is therefore not possible to check our products under our own responsibility for the intended use.
However, any kind of liability and warranty by Loggia Industria Vernici srl is excluded regarding the results obtained by the adhesive products. Other agreements, even if provided in writing by the suppliers' collaborators, always require written confirmation from the vendor itself
- All colors of the colors displayed on video and / or printed are approximate and approximate and may vary from the original due to the display of the monitor, type of printer and paper. The end result depends on the type of product, wood, support and method and application cycle. Therefore, we recommend that you always make a preliminary application test. It is therefore necessary to test applications on various possible funds. Part of the products can be discharged according to local laws with household waste being natural. However, you must verify the provisions in your municipality. The information published on the site is purely demonstrative and is intended to provide support in the design of constructions according to the construction and dwelling criteria, as well as an illustration of the various ways of using the products. Due to the different working conditions, no guarantee of any kind may be taken into consideration. Under no circumstances, Loggia Industria Vernici srl intends to assume a responsibility beyond the typical one of the seller to extend to the one of the intellectual or contractor's lender.

According to art. 11 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, the buyer's personal data will be the subject of computer or manual processing, as defined by art. 4 paragraph I letter a) of the above-mentioned legislative decree, for the purpose of:
Fulfillment of law connected with civilistic standards, fiscal contabili; Administrative management of the report; Fulfillment of contractual obligations; Post-sales assistance; Verifying customer satisfaction;
Market analysis and statistics; marketing;
Information on future business initiatives by both the vendor and its trading partners.
The data in question can be communicated to financial intermediaries, to professional firms who carry out administrative activities on behalf of the seller, to companies conducting customer satisfaction surveys and to companies performing debt recovery activities. It is understood that the conferment of such data for the purposes referred to in point (a) is compulsory for the performance of the contract, while it is optional with respect to the purposes referred to in points (b) and (c).
The buyer is entitled at all times to obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning him, even if not yet registered, and their communication in an intelligible form.
Buyer also has the right to obtain at any time:
Updating, rectification or, when in the interest of, data integration
Deletion, transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of data processed in violation of law, including those for which no conservation is required in relation to the purposes for which the data was collected or subsequently processed;
The attestation that the operations referred to in points (a) and (b) above have been brought to their knowledge, including their content, of those to whom the data have been communicated or disseminated, except in the case where such disclosure arises Impossible or involves the use of means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right.
The buyer will have the right to oppose, in whole or in part:
For legitimate reasons, to the processing of personal data concerning it, although relevant to the purpose of the collection;
To the processing of personal data concerning it for the purpose of sending advertising material or direct sale or for the accomplishment of market research or commercial communication.
The buyer may exercise the prior rights with a request addressed to Loggia Industria Vernici srl, to be considered as the holder of the treatment pursuant to art. 28 of the d.lgs.n. 196/2003.
By subscribing to this order of sale the buyer expressly expresses his consent to the processing of his personal data in the manner specified above.
Loggia Industria Vernici srl will discontinue any treatment of the buyer's personal data following expressly requested by the buyer in this regard.